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Newsletter Driven™

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Coupons Driven is a fantastic application that enables apartment managers to create rent incentives:
Good communication with your community tenants should always be of top priority. Whether its info reminding of an upcoming special property event or simply monthly announcements with a personal touch.

Newsletter Driven™ the built in creative software and part of the ApartmentDashboard™ suite of products allows for monthly periodicals to be done in-house. When your office wants to create and send an email newsletter or attach it to your website in the residents area, all thats needed is choosing a template thats appropriate to the occasion, upload some photos & fill in the blanks through your online account with RentAptsOnline.Com™. Recipients are automatically selected from your network of current residents.

Email Newsletters For Results

Our custom built software makes it easy for anybody to create and send monthly Newsletters. We're confident that from our assortment of template designs there will be plenty of options to fit your needs and style.

A step-by-step process that is easy to follow, ensures a good standing relationship and open communication between office and tenants.

Send & Share Your Newsletters

Once you've selected from one of our predesigned templates and uploaded any desired pictures, send it speeding off at the click of a mouse! Newsletter marketing has never been easier.

We make sure these Newsletters are delivered directly to each tenants’ inbox from within their own Social login portal.

Tracking Real Time Success

Keep tabs on how your subscribers repond to your messages. From opens, clicks, bounces & unsubscribers. We take very seriously the responsibility of consistent delivery each time.

We're focused on your success and hope sincerely that Newsletter Driven™ will prove to be an invaluable tool for boosting Resident Retention Levels.