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Grace J
My new apartment was a perfect fit! So close to the lab where I work and the move-in transition was easy. To top it off the maintenance has been really fast on taking care of my extra requests. I would recommend this these apartments for sure. The manager was also pretty flexible for me because my work schedule made it hard to come in during normal business hours.
Roxanne M
This place is ideal for me because I can get to U.C.R very quickly and at the same time don't have to live right next to campus or in a dorm for that matter! So far everything about my apartment is great, including the price. From my grants I still have plenty of cash left over to take care of all my other monthly expenses including the rent. I would totally recommend this location to anyone that doesn't want to live on campus!
Rocky A
I liked the amenities, I feel like this place delivered in the year I spent there. Management is good overall. Service requests is quick and I recommend this place to my friends and family.